The Bridge programs are the activities we support to help meet our mission of developing people in strategy, national security, & military affairs.


"New Model" Mentorship Gatherings

Our in person gatherings have become a diverse and changing group of policy wonks, strategists, think tankers, academics, researchers, authors, analysts, and more from all walks of life in the National Capitol Region, Canberra, and beyond. These gatherings include speakers on a monthly basis to talk about strategy, the military art, and the profession of national security.


Annual Writing Contests

We host writing contests each year for original papers examining aspect of strategy, including the theory of strategy, strategy development (within the military or between civilian and military actors/organizations), strategic history, factors influencing strategy (technology, politics, geography, etc.), educating strategists, strategy and the public, the impact of information operations on strategy, and the future of strategy. One of our annual contests is reserved for students every year, but others are open to broader participation.


Military Fellowship at the College of William & Mary

We support the Military Fellowship at the Project on International Peace & Security (PIPS) at the College of William & Mary, which pairs military personnel with PIPS' undergraduate Research Fellows. Selected military fellows serve for one academic year and mentor undergraduate fellows to conduct policy-relevant work in the area of international security.