Co-Director of TSB2 Boston

Allison Lazarus

Allison Lazarus is the co-Director of TSB^2 in the Boston, MA area, as well as a graduate student at Harvard Business School and Kennedy School of Government. She also coordinates the Cambridge Project for the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) in Boston. She previously served as a professional staff member on the Senate Armed Services Committee and worked for McKinsey & Company. You can find Allison on Twitter @amlazarus.

Jeff Sheehan

Jeff outline.jpg

Jeff Sheehan is the co-Director of TSB2 in Boston, MA as well as a Project Manager at the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) in Cambridge, MA.  Jeff is an Army Space Operations officer with a broad background of tactical through strategic assignments across the Army and Joint Community.  He recently completed a one-year Fellowship at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency(DARPA) and Senior Service College at the Army War College. If you can find his anemic account, he is located on Twitter at @j_a_sheehan.