#Monday Musings: Drew Steadman

"Monday Musings” are designed to get quick, insightful thoughts based around three questions from those interested in strategy, from the most experienced and lauded, to our newest thinkers/writers.

1 — Who had the greatest impact on you intellectually (whether through writing, mentorship, etc.)?

Colin Powell had the greatest influence on me, through his autobiography My American Journey. I read it in high school and it became my leadership bible. It completely shaped the way I would develop as a leader, which included how I developed myself intellectually.

2 — What book (fiction, history, or academic) do you think best explains strategy?

I thought Ender’s Game did a fantastic job of show how one can reshape one’s perspective to see alternate components and thus, new solutions.

3 — What do you want your legacy to be?

I want my legacy to be one of continuing, positive influence that inspires people to develop themselves into the leaders they are meant to be. Any moment of insight I can inspire in leaders to improve themselves and their teams…is mission accomplished.

Drew Steadman is an Army officer and 20-year student of leadership. He seeks to provide leader development insight through his blog, The Military Leader. He is also a founding member of The Military Writers Guild. Connect with him on Twitter @mil_LEADERThe views expressed in this article do not reflect the policy or position of any official organization.

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