Richard F. Ganske

Richard (Rich) F. Ganske is an officer in the U.S. Air Force, B-2 pilot, and weapons officer. He is a graduate of the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College and the U.S. Air Force School of Advanced Air and Space Studies. Presently, he is pursuing a PhD in Political Science at Louisiana State University. Rich has participated in several deployments, including the Continuous Bomber Presence in the Western Pacific, Operation Enduring Freedom, and Operation Odyssey Dawn. He was formerly the chief air targeting officer for U.S. Central Command charged with integrating lethal and non-lethal capabilities into plans for Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and the Horn of Africa. His present interests are focused on strategy, military theory, civil-military relations, and bargaining in war. Follow Rich on Twitter at @richganske.

Mikhail B. Grinberg

Mikhail B. Grinberg is a Senior Associate at Renaissance Strategic Advisors where he consults for aerospace and defense companies on corporate strategy and mergers and acquisitions. His primary areas of expertise include emerging technologies, growth strategy formulation, research and development valuation, and the interrelationship of innovation and corporate strategy. Mikhail is also on the board of the Defense Entrepreneurs Forum, thinks deeply about the intersection of industrial base and foreign policy, and studies the challenges of military reform, primarily through the lens of Richard Burdon Haldane. Mikhail is an amateur photographer and tweets at @mbgrinberg.

Tyrell O. Mayfield

Tyrell O. Mayfield is an officer in the U.S. Air Force and splits his time between Washington DC and Kabul as a Political Affairs Strategist. Ty is a founding member of the Military Writers Guild and has published photography and written work in a number of online forums, print publications, and peer-reviewed journals. Ty is currently writing a memoir about his time in Kabul and co-editing a book on military professionalism and ethics in the 21st century with Nathan Finney. Follow Ty on Twitter at @tyrellmayfield.

Eric M. Murphy

Eric M. Murphy is an officer in the U.S. Air Force whose military career has focused on mathematics, operations research, and strategic planning. He began life as a student of English Literature, but he also has a Doctorate in Mathematics and is a graduate of the School of Advanced Air and Space Studies. Eric has spent time as a strategic force structure analyst for the Joint Staff, Air Staff, Air Force Space Command, and the International Assistance Force in Kabul. He has research and writing interests in mathematics, statistics, history, military theory and strategy, and especially the interactions between these areas. He has publications in poetry, risk and force structure analysis, advanced mathematics, and strategy. Follow Eric on Twitter @Eric_M_Murphy.