J.P. Clark

J.P. Clark is an army officer and historian. As a soldier, J.P. has served as an armor officer and in the strategic plans and policy career field, including in Iraq, Germany, Korea, the Pentagon, and on the British Army General Staff in London. As a scholar, J.P. is fascinated by the topics of military adaptation and professionalism, which are the main focus of his book, Preparing for War: The Emergence of the Modern U.S. Army, 1815-1917. His work has also appeared in Parameters, Military Review, British Army Review, The Three Swords, War on the Rocks, Strategos, and Armor Magazine. He is a member of the Military Writers Guild and a graduate of West Point (B.A.), and Duke University (M.A. and Ph.D). You can find J.P. on Twitter @JPClark97 or his website.

Jason Koxvold

Jason Koxvold is a widely published photographer based in Brooklyn, NY with a focus on neoliberal economic policy and military strategy. He holds a BSc in Social Science from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, and has worked in every corner of the globe, from Arctic Russia to South Africa, China to Nigeria; his most recent deployment was with Operation Resolute Support in Kabul and Bagram. You can find his work in magazines including Newsweek Japan, Wired, Slate and National Geographic Traveler. See Jason’s photographs at koxvold.com and follow him on Twitter at @jkoxvold.

Mark Gilchrist

Gilchrist Bio.jpeg

Mark Gilchrist is a serving Australian Army officer and graduate of the Australian Command and Staff College (Joint). He has served in a range of command and staff appointments. Mark holds a first class honours degree in History from the University of New South Wales and is working towards a advanced Masters through the Australian National University. He is passionate about professional military education and the role of history in understanding the profession of arms. You can follow him at @Gilchrist_MA.

Pauline Shanks Kaurin

 PLU on Tuesday, June 24, 2014. (Photo/John Froschauer)

Dr. Pauline Shanks Kaurin holds a PhD in Philosophy from Temple University, Philadelphia and is a specialist in military ethics, just war theory, philosophy of law and applied ethics.  She is Associate Professor and Chair of Philosophy at Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, WA and teaches courses in military ethics, warfare, business ethics, social and political philosophy and history of philosophy.  Recent publications include: "When Less is not More: Expanding the Combatant/Non-Combatant Distinction," "With Fear and Trembling: A Qualified Defense of Non-Lethal Weapons," and Achilles Goes Asymmetrical: The Warrior, Military Ethics and Contemporary Warfare.  You can find her on Twitter @queenofthinair.

Robert J. Thompson

Dr. Robert J. Thompson is an historian specializing in U.S. military history. Dr. Thompson received his Ph.D. in U.S. History from the University of Southern Mississippi in December 2016. His area of expertise is the Vietnam War, with considerable attention on the relationship between conventional warfare and pacification. A proponent of province studies, he writes extensively about the Vietnam War as it unfolded in Phu Yen Province–exemplified by his dissertation “More Sieve Than Shield: the U.S. Army and CORDS in the Pacification of Phu Yen Province, Republic of Vietnam, 1965-1972.” Aside from writing for The Strategy Bridge, he is participating in a series on the Vietnam War in 1967 for the New York Times. He is a frequent presenter at annual meetings of the Society of Military History. Dr. Thompson is a former recipient of the Hoover Institution Library and Archives Silas Palmer Research Fellowship (2015), the U.S. Army Center for Military History Dissertation Fellowship (2015-2016), and the Society of Military History Russell F. Weigley Graduate Student Travel Grant (2016). No, he is not related to Sir Robert Thompson. Follow Dr. Thompson on Twitter @_RobThompson